Teen Trail Corps

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Log Trail Care and Advocacy hours in the Pit Zone

Teen Trail Corps supports NICA’s mission to build strong minds, bodies, character, and communities through cycling by creating a culture of service within our community.

Missouri League TTC Counter:

2024 Goal: 60/2000 hours

2023: 1567 hours

2022: 980 hours

You can make an impact in your community

Check out this article by NICA’s Phil Waidner to get inspired and learn about the impact that NICA student athletes are having on trails and communities around the country: HERE

Haley – Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League
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Let’s get started!

Check out this series of articles from IMBA:

MTB Advocacy: Activating Trail Stewards of Tomorrow

“Young people BELONG in the advocacy space. As members of communities, youth provide both hope for the future, and the needed perspectives of how policies impact the younger in our populations.”

Kate Noelke

The ABCs of Mountain Bike Advocacy, Part I

The ABCs of Mountain Bike Advocacy, Part II: Advocacy Starts With Strategy

Become a trail ambassador in your community:


  • Demonstrate safe riding habits and improvement or mastery of key skills
  • Be prepared (check your equipment before every ride)
  • Assist your Coach in mentoring younger or less skilled riders
  • Meet team attendance standards for a season
  • Research and present how people safely use bicycles for transportation


  • Attend/speak at public meetings
  • Write letters on land-use matters
  • Share or create social media postings about trail advocacy
  • Conduct team education about responsible trail stewardship
  • Provide input to interactive mapping, surveys and requests from land managers


  • Build relationships with local trail groups
  • Build relationships with land managers
  • Participate in your NICA league volunteer efforts
  • Participate in local trail group volunteer efforts
  • Participate in a volunteer trail maintenance training or workshop


  • Treat the environment with respect and kindness
  • Treat others with respect and kindness
  • Build a strong connection with the environmental community
  • Teach others how to show respect for the environment and community
  • Develop positive community relations
  • Expand on relationships

Want to learn how we can all work together to share and protect our trails? Check out the IMBA Ride Vibes

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