MICL Scholarship Program

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Casey Saunders Foundation

Casey Saunders was a great advocate for the sport of cycling

Not only did he live and breathe cycling, he was a friendly racer and was always thinking about how he could help those around him. He supported the cycling community throughout his life by working as a bike mechanic at Big Shark Bicycle Co., showing up at nearly every cycling event in the region and encouraging those he met to ride any kind of bike they had. He believed that cycling was one of the best opportunities for life-long health and that every person – regardless of background, size, age, gender, race – should be able to experience the joy and freedom that come from riding a bike.

The Casey Saunders Foundation exists in order to provide the opportunity for underserved young people to experience the joy and freedom of riding a bike by giving them the equipment and necessary scholarships to fulfill their cycling goals. Our hope is that by offering this opportunity to help young people, we can honor Casey’s legacy and we can tell more stories of youth that grow up wanting to help others.

The Casey Saunders Foundation has partnered with the MICL to offer scholarships to enable more kids to #BeLikeCasey.

Do you want to #BeLikeCasey but you’re not sure if it’s possible for your family?

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IMPORTANT: The heart of our program is the team experience. Please reach out to your local head coach and team director before you apply for a league scholarship. They will help guide you through the process and connect you with other local resources and try-it-out opportunities.